All our diamonds are directly imported from Belgium.

Appraisal certificates are provided for selected diamond rings at no extra charge.

For those with diamond rings, we also supply fully certified appraisals for a fee.

Diamonds are the purest, brightest and most enduring gemstone. A diamond is a natural symbol of eternal love. No other stone has created more passion, fueled more romances and ignited more fires than the diamond.

A diamond is the hardest substance known to man, the purest of all gemstones as it is uniquely composed of a single element, carbon. When properly cut a diamond will display a fiery radiance and beauty. The value of a diamond is based upon the 4 C's, Carat, Clarity, Cut and Colour.


The "carat" represents the gemologist's measure of diamond weight.

One carat is divided into 100 "points", so a "50-point" diamond weighs half a carat. As the carat size of a quality diamond increases, so does its rarity, and ultimately its price.
No one factor alone makes a diamond beautiful, a diamond's size is only significant when considered with cut, clarity and colour.


Clarity is the extent to which a diamond is free of inclusions. Though a diamond is said to be "internally flawless" if no inclusion or surface blemish can be seen when viewed under ten times magnification, truly flawless diamonds are extremely rare.

In fact, inclusions are a diamond's "fingerprints", making each one unique. Van Jewellery only sells diamonds that are clarity-graded and then certified according to international gemological standards (GIA) or (HRD).


Diamonds may be fashioned into many shapes each with their own special allure, and all are beautiful when properly cut. The choice is simply a personal decision. A diamond cutter spends years mastering his craft, learning how best to cut a rough diamond to achieve the ultimate cut with the fewest imperfections and the least loss of carat weight. The better the cut, the more valuable the diamond.


The whiter the diamond rather than the presence of colour signifies the value and rarity of a diamond with the exception of a few "fancy-coloured" stones.

Although most diamonds appear to be colourless, there is a slight tint within their depths that only can be seen by an expert's eye.

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